A Theoretical Analysis of Cause and Effect

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I planted a seed (Oh, but so much more than digging and sowing is taking place here. It is prudent to realize not only my actions, but also my motivations, not because in themselves my motivations are important, but simply to admit that they exist in all their grandeur and true essentialness to the plot.            I initially decided to take such measures because I am human and need sustenance. The Drive Reduction Theory insinuates that as time passes the strength of a drive, such as hunger, will increase as it is not satisfied. Assuming the theory is true, I cannot claim pure hunger as a factor, for by the time my seed had developed and bore fruit, the gradual increasing of my drive would have left my in quite a state of frustration and want. No, it was not the gnawing of my stomach that held my captive to this task, but the elementary knowledge that even if I have food today, I must work to ensure that I have food tomorrow. Under this notion, I began the preparation of my garden. Why did I choose to plant a garden? Why did I not simply plan to pick wild fruit all summer out of the forest near by? Because there is no forest near by, nor wild fruit to eat at my leisure. My mother planted a garden in the spring when I was a child, as well as her mother, so the motivations to do so seems obvious enough. The traditions of my ancestors now dictate my actions. I choose to plant squash and sugar snap peas, or rather, squash and sugar snap peas were chosen. The humid southern weather chose them, the fertile delta soil chose them, but I was happily left out of this excursion. I certainly did pick those seeds up off the shelf, but perhaps it was only due to my brain chemistry that told me not only would they grow and expand, but they would satisfy my need for nutrition once they came to fruition.             Free will– Function: noun
1 : voluntary choice or decision
2 : freedom of humans to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or by divine intervention
             Isaac Newton proposed his proverbial third law of physics simply with science in mind; I, however, propose that our existence is composed of nothing more than complicated science, and on that assumption I will continue my thesis. “If for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction“, then according to the commutative property, which states that if “A equals B then B must equal A“, a statement that is the basis for all of Greek reasoning, the polar must also be true: for every equal but opposite reaction, there must be an initial action. Therefore, no action occurs without another previous action motivating it. Even the scientific concept of spontaneity states that a spontaneous action develops or occurs without apparent external influence, force, cause, or treatment. Any physicist will bluntly explain that even if an occurrence does not have an apparent motivation, it must in fact be motivated in some way that perhaps is beyond a human understanding of science. Based on this information, I feel adequate to make the statement that no action is free of prior causes or divine intervention.            I am now compelled to ask, under what notion does popular opinion gather that I have the ability to choose squash and sugar snap peas over any other vegetable. Certainly a choice can be considered an action, and even if such action is purely mental, is not the movement and organization of neurons in the brain an action as well? Is it not plausible, then, to say that no choice is made absent of an antecedent? If free will is a decision made with autonomy from outer control, then it is a decision that defies accepted science, for all decisions are controlled by outer motivation.            An example of this lack of true free will came at the attempt to disprove my theory. At the sound of such blasphemies against the natural human tendency to believe that we hold a higher psychological power than that of the animal, who is completely controlled by his environment and brain chemistry, a friend of mine persisted to disprove me by holding up a glass and threatening that he had the complete option to destroy the mug if he pleased. I, however, did not quiver, did not begin to move for the broom just in case the glass began a descent. I knew that my friend’s normally calm disposition, not to mention society’s influences that told him that breaking a glass for the sake of an argument would be too grave a rebuttal, gave me the composure to continue my argument. If this act of free will was truly spontaneous, as its definition indicates, than the possibility of this overreaction would be a true threat of broken glass and wet carpet. Even with my limited understanding of all of his motivations, I knew that the overwhelming likelihood was that he would in fact not break the glass, but simply hold it out at chest height, proclaiming that he was the monarch of Animal Kingdom.            Now the question emerges, if all actions require a previous action, then where and how did the initial action occur? This is the question that can be answered only by mathematicians and televangelists. I choose to follow the Divine Controller theory. With the implementation of a Divine Controller, the mass process of cause and effect becomes clearer. If this Divine Controller exists outside of physical laws, as he surely is the creator of said laws as well as the realm in which they reside, then it is plausible to say that he could have given the inaugural cause. I also believe that it is plausible to say that with a Divine knowledge of the reality he has created, that a Divine Controller does not in fact, have to directly control anything after this initial act. Visualize it as primordial dominoes, the architect having a complete understanding of all physical laws and variables that could ever affect his domino master piece.  Imagine that all existence hinged upon my action of planting a seed, that the Controller’s ultimate goal was to see that feat deployed. All this omniscient being would need is a beginning, to set up a system in which the inevitability would be my little seed being buried among the roots and underground. A galaxy here, a solar system there, a few rocks in instrumental places and a spark of life, and all history will eventually meet me in the back corner of my house on a warm April morning. I assure you; Such a Divine Controller would maintain the sovereignty to do so.                  I certainly do not mean to profane this quality that most maintain is what separates us from the beasts of the fields, nor to conclude that humans are no more than complex computer programs, though this parallel is an interesting one with many applications. I would instead like to present the concept that perhaps all of existence is an intricate system of predetermined causes and effects, a system full of science and reasoning, oceans and odysseys, logic and analysis, bees and honey.) and it flourished.  

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