In Uncategorized on December 11, 2008 at 7:27 pm

Another arm, another leg. She only wants to move! Crippled by, taunted by, starved by the only other body. She reaches into the dark to feel his snarl. With her mouth she feels his jagged teeth. They exist about each other in pain and blood. All the walls set in, an esophagus. Their fleshy encasing contracts, light pulls her out. She reaches for her tormentor, his dead head, but he no longer exists. He is all gone.

Another arm, her leg. She wished she was alone! Reaching up into the dark only to find his head. Where she rests her foot, in the absence underneath, she feels him. A long fist held against his tiny breast. Love hands peer against their fleshy encasing. One invader is enough! So she takes the cord and she wraps and she wraps and she takes the water and she breaks and she shatters. She leaves him to be Alone. Bright walls, farther than ever before. Love hands. This is not what it is!

She screams and screams. He is all quiet, dressed in white.

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