In Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 at 1:14 pm

I wrap myself in brown paper so that no one will know I am beautiful; so that I myself will not believe it. I bear my head against floors, like a lion to its prey, and imagine it breaking open like a chocolate, running out with sugar. You do not know I am alive, yet sometimes I wave and smile and tell jokes. Like a lion to its prey.


One day, all the air burnt up and we all died. And that was alright because we all went to the same place and saw each other and smiled, even out of the corners of our eyes. Then we all woke up and went to work, except those people that didn’t work. And when we passed them we all kicked dirt in their faces and winked, even out of corners. Because everybody means what ever it does. We all woke up and we were all fucks!


I am the Sugarloaf. Out, standing against you; wearing a crown and hair of trees. But I am cracked and littered, falling apart like some sandstone. I am the worst part of my family. Everybody means what ever it does. Someone, make me afraid.

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