To Words, with Love

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2008 at 1:07 pm

When we write, we are so careful. Like new lovers, we caress our sentences and choose them with care. When we write, we are enraptured with the beauty of our words: how their forms fit together and make new meaning we never saw in them as separates.  And we use our words. We are seduced by her sweet sounds of assonance.  We care little for her face value. Care little for her face. Only the things we can tear out of her, our precious words. We make her to fit our desires, our meanings, our poems. We are zealous; we are passionate. We push and use her for all she contains: every meaning, every insinuation. 

And when we speak, we are so casual. We are married and useless! We order dinner, and tell dirty jokes, and passively say, “I love you”.  We ignore the beauty still inherent in words, as they are around at every move of the lips. But syntax and rhythm are every bit as seductive when spoke as when written. We rummage through her, old and used, to find only the most essential syllables to meet our needs, then leave her to become ugly in her silence. 

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