8 Ways to Know Dust, after Wallace Stevens

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2010 at 11:00 am


In the unseen wrinkles

of a young woman’s hand

lives dust.



I gather stones from fields,

like pearls of dust on my finger’s ends,

and wrap them up in boxes, away

from my vision, from things that break.



Why does the weather knock and snarl

outside my window, and inside

only dust?



Where there is a young dancing

wildness, there is a golden dust passing

overhead & underfoot.



Really, only dust is moved

by the radio wave.



That thing we are all always crawling

towards is a dust cloud, always

revolting back towards us to verify.



I’ ve seen all your faces

pouring out from your door ways

with children,

and I will see all those faces

covered in dust.



Gravity works the dust

to intrepid, planetary death.


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