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lost the ghosts of fear,

put them in

all 5 of me

on equal up you

put up with or they

hear my ghosts change they

are very large up children

then shrink what

a tragedy me in their

invisible moves with

m, a ghost

in how I moved to

get lost but in some snow

scar for the typing dark

aimlessly drifting around

why is my toothpaste sweet everything candy I am a time when adult is a myth I want to pretend I don’t have contacts I just see & see & see but I only look at what I want what I want is now what I want is now what I am is a time when adult is myth I want what I want is a time when I want these lens pulled from this consumption machine craggling up the stairs don’t make me talk don’t make me at all I’ll say is I am a time when I want so cleanly that I slip out and you never even smell me I brush my teeth everyday please don’t ask for more than I see & see & I want a time in the far reaches of speed when all my repetition blurs into a perfect image of want & want & me

don’t ever visit my job

it’s not really what you want, but you know it’s something some pressure desire spiral wrenching between your cute little ears and when you had no name for something you called it god now god is everywhere & he won’t make eye contact & he knows it’s you.

he never comes alone

now you call it

blunt force trauma


liver failure

numbers get all the good air

when I was 21 all my friends were 32. They held me against their breasts saying, “it all stinks little lady, all of them”

I have a gut feeling about your guts. adam smith can suck my invisible dick.

yeah I would do better to be smarter. I would smart better to hit harder and never flinch.

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