In Uncategorized on March 20, 2012 at 10:26 pm

driving in

the stake of

escape right

between two

girls boys and

both where they meet

fixed to a pair

of feet, one tap

dancing the

other nailed down

for ransom but

no note goddamnus.


to drive out

is to have your ghost

and eat it

too so

organ out my family

and make a choice

of what will nag me

for 20 years if

not 100 and some,

douse it in

poison to fire

off some, set

some on fire.


drove myself

to the edge of

the lake containing

one cigarette butt

for every 7 gallons

of water it’s

how they measure time

in Arkansas—no, not

that Arkansas.


been driven mad

with that fire

since I asked

my teacher what

it was made of

and after a long pause

I heard a televangelist cackle,

“the visible aftermath of the rabid oxidation of a material”—

how disappointing, where

sparks find us.


drive is cigarettes

and poison drenched

bushes see it burns

but is never

consumed no

not once.

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