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Run my thumb from my hip

down my thigh

to pinch the stringy


wriggling tail and take

some named muscle

but I don’t call it


I clench it to

push this little rat

out my cunt.


It comes with a pop; it’s

brown ruddy blood-soaked

body dangles under


my hand then lays in

some toilet paper:

my left hand.


I feel its warmth

and laugh because

it’s gross & beating


but inanimate

& always dead.



All the little maggot  boys

imbedded in his skin

worm their way out the dead rat.

He dreams them holding

a trial in which

his family testifies

against him– so

helpless & abandoned

when his long lost dream aunt

grabs his hand to comfort him

then runs her hand down

from his hip to his thigh.



Inside this moment

the living & dead converge

in the minds of the schizophrenics

meeting down at the docks


“Don’t let your left hand know

who your right hand is in.”


I feel ashamed becuase I am

the full body without organs:

unproductive, sterile,

unengendered, unconsumable,

and just incredibly

bored. I want to see

everything connected,

one full body machine, want to

see it like these


father figures.

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